TDA is an independent ad agency.

This is what we do:


We start from the nucleus in order to create a living breathing idea. We use creativity as an unfair advantage.

// TV
// Print
// Outdoor
// Digital
// Retail
// Content Creation

// Packaging
// Logo + Naming
// Identity
// UX strategy + UX design
// UI design


We listen to what people think, feel and do – even when the words are tough to hear – then asking why. We inspire positive change in the work and in the world.

// Consumer insights
// Market trend analysis
//Quantitative + qualitative research

// Brand development + positioning
// Campaign planning
// Creative concept testing


We are seen by the people we care about. We find the right place, at the right time for the greatest impact.

// Media planning + buying
// National + local TV, print, outdoor, radio
// Display, search, social media
// Campaign analysis + tracking
// Content syndication


We keep big picture goals top of mind while gracefully accomplishing daily ‘to do’ lists. We create intimate relationships up and down, left and right.

// Client leadership
// Brand stewards
// Strategic services
// GTM planning + strategy


We believe fast and innovative aren’t mutually exclusive. We're tech agnostic - picking the right tool to solve hard problems.

// Digital strategy + trends
// Social media strategy + campaigns
// Web development

// Mobile app development
// Data + analytics
// CRM + database segmentation


We bring our big ideas to life flawlessly. We get the most out of our budgets by being creative and resourceful, not by cutting corners. 

// Creative Project Management 
// Print, Digital, Video + Content Production
// Packaging Art Production + Management
// Photoshoot Organization
// Digital Asset Management